Inductee Criteria

By opening up our nomination process to One Club Members, the Creative Hall of Fame is casting a wider net for potential laureates. Even so, all nominees must demonstrate strong showings in the following three criteria:


Those who have a celebrated body of work. This includes work that has been recognized as the best in the industry over multiple years for multiple brands, can be considered truly innovative and original in thinking and execution, and has an undeniable lasting impact.


Those who have used their creativity and leveraged their resources to advance the industry and serve the greater good.


Those who have had a measurable, positive effect on the next generation of creative leaders. They are known industry-wide as mentors, door-openers, and opportunity-creators.

TDC Medal Criteria

The TDC Medal recognizes individuals and institutions who have made outstanding contributions to the field of typography. The Medal represents our collective gratitude to those who by their work and talent have demonstrated the value of typography in communication, community, and culture.

Nomination Requirements

Nominations are exclusively a One Club for Creativity member benefit. If you are not a member, we invite you to review the benefits and join here. If you are not a member, you will be charged $200 which will grant you membership for the next year. The membership team will be in touch once you have checked out.

ADCE members are now able to receive One Club for Creativity member benefits including the ability to nominate Creative Hall of Fame inductees. Please use the discount code provided by ADCE for your free nomination. (Don't have your code? Email

Before you nominate someone for the Creative Hall of Fame, please review the list of requirements below. It is highly recommended that you gather and prepare them in advance before beginning the nomination process.

Please also review the list of past inductees, as they may have been previously inducted.

About the Nominee

  • Full name
  • Headshot / Photo
    - at least 1200x1200 -
  • What they're best known for
    - 100 characters or less -
  • Your relationship to the Nominee
  • The categories that apply to their career
    - choose from a selected list -
  • Biography
    - 1,000 words or less -
    - a URL to a biography hosted online -

Examples of Their Creative Work

These may be submitted as video (mov, mp4), image (jpeg, png), audio file (mp3), pdf, or via URL.

  • 1-20 examples of their creative work
    provide examples spanning their career; multiple clients, brands, and agencies is preferred
  • 0-20 pieces of additional media (optional)
    any additional photos, interviews, articles, publications, etc. you would like to submit

Accolades & Recognitions

These must each be submitted as a URL to a page providing recognition of your nominee for their career or creative achievements.

  • 1-10 pieces of recognition
  • Examples:
    news articles or press releases
    awards or honors
    career acknowledgements
  • Creative awards they've won (optional)
    awards they've won for their creative work (such as One Show Pencils or ADC Cubes)

Letters of Support

Each letter must be submitted as a PDF.

You undoubtedly believe that your nominee is worthy of this honor, but do others feel as strongly as you do? As part of your submission, you must include letters of support from your nominee’s contemporaries, each one detailing their thoughts on why the contender deserves consideration.

How to Nominate

After reviewing and gathering all information and materials listed above, One Club members can go to the nomination page to begin a submission.

You will be taken through several steps to complete the nomination.

This section collects high-level information about your nominee and the award for which you are nominating them. After proceeding from this first step, you will then be asked for the additional information and materials to support your nomination. Don't forget to add a headshot to this section after you proceed.

This section is where you will provide your examples of the nominee's creative work, letters of support, and any additional media you would like to include. Click either the pencil edit icon in the upper right of this section or the red "X" icon to begin. You will then add media to each of the media sections (Creative Work, Letters of Support, Additional Materials). Make sure to read the requirements for each section.
NOTE: While not required, adding a title and brief description to your media may help our selection committee better understand your submission.

In this step, you will provide more background information about your nominee. Select at least one field that they are most known for and provide 1-3 links to more information about them (online biography, Wikipedia page, etc.). This is also where you will provide 1-10 links to accolades or recognitions they have received.

Once you've completed everything on this form, click "Proceed to Nominations List."

You will then need to Submit from the Nominations page. You can submit one or multiple nominations from this page at the same time.

Selection Process

Selection of 2024's inductees will take place in four stages.

One Club members submit nominations via the process on this site.
Deadline for nominations is October 20, 2023.

The One Club Creative Hall of Fame Committee selects a Shortlist of nominees.

The One Club for Creativity Board of Directors selects a group of nominees from the Shortlist as Semi-Finalists.

The members who nominated the Semi-Finalists will present live to the Board of Directors to showcase why they believe their nominee should be selected.
The One Club Board of Directors will vote on the final selection of inductees in early December.

The selections for the 2024 Creative Hall of Fame and Educators Hall of Fame will be announced in early 2024.

November 2024